Introducing StuporDan

2019-06-08 00:45:17

Faster than a speeding snail.

More clumsy than a four year old.

Able to trip over small toys in a single step.

Look! On the internet! It’s a blog.

It’s a post.

It’s Stupor Dan!

Yes, it’s Stupor Dan, strange movements from YOPD*, who lives on earth with shakes and tremors far beyond those of mortal men.

Stupor Dan, who can change his shirt after every meal, drops keys from his bare hands, shake the salt right off the salt and vinegar chips.

And who, disguised as Dan, mild-mannered techie for a large country's government, fights a never ending battle for truth, justice and the Canadian way.

And now begins the exciting blog of the adventures of Stupor Dan.


*YOPD - Young Onset Parkinson's Disease